Which oodie is the best to wear to college?

Zebra Stripes Oodie

Wearing your oodie to college, whether you’re a current or former student, is a great way to let the world know who you are and how you’re doing. Treat yourself to an Oodie that will keep you warm while showcasing your school passion in transit! Spend less time deciding what to dress and more time […]

Can Men Wear Oodie blankets?

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Men are often seen complaining that they do not have a huge variety of clothing items. They are always seen complaining that girls have cute items for dress-up while all they have is regular men’s clothing. This complaint of all the male shoppers around the world was redressed all at once when unisex oodie blankets […]

Best Oodies for Animal Lovers

This Valentine let’s have big cheers for all those who love their animals unconditionally. For all those who consider animals and their pets to be their true partners, this is the right time to gift something to themselves. A number of Oodie patterns are available at OodieBlan for people who love animals. These animal prints […]


Valentine’s Day immediately conjures up images of romance, costly gifts, dates, and flowers. Galentine’s Day, which was established on February 11, 2010, was inspired by the television series Parks and Recreation, in which one of the characters created the holiday to honour her closest friends and their friendship. Valentine’s Day may serve as a continual […]

Celebrate Valentine’s week with Oodies- Part II

The most awaited blog for this Valentine’s is live now. In the last post, we discussed how you can substitute regular valentine day’s gifts with oodies and that too effortlessly. Here are the tips for the remaining days of valentine’s week. Sit back tight and keep your devices ready to place your oodie orders from […]

Celebrate Valentine’s week with Oodies

Valentine’s week is almost here and so is the excitement. Let’s get you ready to celebrate each day of Valentine’s week in comfort and style! Rose day First comes Rose Day, a day when lovers exchange red roses as a sign of their affection. In essence, it’s a setup for the proposal, which comes the following […]

Best oodies for valentine’s day

February is almost around the corner and so is the season of love. We hope you all are ready to welcome the season of love with style and confidence. We are also sure that you must have figured out your valentine’s week itinerary. But when it comes to gifts for valentines, it’s a hard choice. […]

Best oodies as per your Mood

Unicorn Oodie

Human beings are considered better than other organisms and things on Earth as they can feel different emotions and express how they feel. Human emotions are so beautiful and diverse that they cannot be defined into a definition. All human emotions are equally important and therefore, you should allow yourself to feel them all. Even […]

Food to enjoy while wearing your Oodie

If you are a foodie who likes to try all food items, this post is for you. It is important to feel maximum comfort while having your food. It not only allows you to enjoy the food but also allows you to enjoy the surroundings if you are eating outside. An oodie allows you to […]

Multiple problems, One solution- Oodie

If you are struggling with multiple problems in your life and trying to find a one-stop solution- You are at the right place. If you are feeling cold, your gas bills are high, you live alone and miss some family touch in your life- an oodie is just the right product to resort to. Oodie […]