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Pets in oodies!

OodieBlan launched its oodie blankets for humans initially. Considering the increasing demand for the wearable blankets around world, various new oodie alternatives were launched. From avocado oodie to pink oodie, oodie blankets are a hit.

Expanding the idea, oodie blankets were launched for pets as well. Now, dog oodies and cat oodies are extremely popular in demand. And why should they not be?

Why pet oodies?

  • Dogs and cats are inherent parts of all our families. They love us like anything so a comfy blanket sweatshirt for them is what is just the right way of making them part of your family. They will not only look cuter in the bulldog oodie, cat oodie, but also feel snuggled.
  • A blanket sweatshirt is just the right way to keep your pets save from chilling cold.

  • These oodies are cheap and extremely colorful. These will also make your pet look extra cute in your family pictures. Consider buying colorful oodies such as unicorn oodie, cat oodie, cute elephant oodie, etc. for your pets for a livelier vibe.
  • The Sherpa fleece used to make these oodies is extremely great for your pets. The soft fabric will keep their fur intact and protected from the dust. Their fur coat will also be protected from germs.
  • An oodie will also keep the shedding to the minimum and help you in keeping your house clean. A wearable blanket sweatshirt is also good for keeping your pet in a coverup, using which you can carry them around easily.

All in all, a pet oodie is something you will never feel bad after buying a pet oodie. It is just the right way of pampering your pet a bit extra. The right way of keeping them comfy and snuggled when you are not around. A wearable blanket sweatshirt will give them a small, cuddly world of their own.


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