A few things to consider before you buy your Oodie

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We all know that buying your favorite oodie blanket is the priority task for all. These warm, soft, cuddly, and affordable wearable blankets are so high in demand that you might feel the pressure of ordering too soon. But as always, OodieBlan is not just about quantity but quality. So, we want all our customers […]

An insight into the Best selling Unicorn oodie

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Unicorn oodie by OodieBlan is an extremely popular oodie alternative. The customers prefer unicorn oodie over the other alternatives of Oodies and the reason is quite interesting- but not more than the design of the unicorn oodie. The unicorn oodie is a comparatively new design but it has a special place in the hearts of […]

How Oodies came into existence?

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Lets hear a story first…….. Long time ago, there was a time when people felt spine shivering cold during the winters. Nothing could save them from the appeal of chilly winds and low temperatures. There was no blanket sweatshirts or oodies to keep them warm outside. As a result, people just stayed indoors and waited […]

5 ways to make your life better with Oodies.

Wearable blankets are utterly soft and comfortable blankets. But don’t get confused and take them for the normal blankets. Oodies are far better than blankets. These are wearable blanket sweatshirts that you can put on like pullovers and hoodies. Oodies make your life more comfortable and worth enjoying. No matter if you are a 7-year-old […]

Does OodieBlan Oodie one size fits all?

Oodie Blankets from OodieBlan are made of softest quality of flannel. Its fabric is soft and supple and feels like butter on the skin. The oodies from OodieBlan are marking their spot in the market. Be it the premium quality fabric, the warm lining, cheap prices, unique designs, vibrant colors, or anything.  In fact, wearable […]

What is similar to the Oodie?

Oversized sweatshirt blankets or Oodies are staple winter products. These are a great combination of utility and comfort. The oodies have been in popular demand for quite a long time due to this combination only. The creativity and love that goes for making blanket sweatshirt such a hit product goes without saying. The oodie is […]